Infrastructure Management

Whether its Roads, Rail or Powerlines, we can determine the state of our customers infrastructure and report on it before issues arise. Our solution can identify and analyse the quality of a road or a rail line or the health of a section of powerlines so maintenance can be carried out. Our model can identify potholes, roadside signs, surface types, line markings and provide detailed reporting back to the customer.

Change detection & Crack detention

PolyVision has the ability to detect changes in conditions of objects not only being produced but also fixed objects such as Railway lines, power lines, Piping, crack in concrete plus many other applications.
PolyVision can achieve this by automatically identify changing between what is considered normal and a fault or issue.

Site Management

The Lynkz team performed initial testing of a Site Management “Use Case” on the Sunshine Coast in 2019 to prove whether our solution could assist with Site Management. The trials confirmed that our solution assists in the management of vehicles entering and leaving a site. As construction vehicles enter, deliver, and leave a site, our solution can identify and track these vehicles and register timestamps and details accordingly. Any concrete, water, fuel truck, supply or project specific vehicles can be tagged on entry, license plate documented, duration of visit recorded, and timestamp of its departure noted.


Food Processing & Manufacturing

PolyVision has transformed food and manufacturing processes by providing a real time Analysis and Quality Assurance service. Its ability to scan an item and make a determination on its quality ensures only the best produce goes to market.

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Infrastructure Management

PolyVision has the capability of improving Asset Management services across a variety of infrastructure. Whether it’s a cracked road or a downed powerline, PolyVision can help.

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Wildlife Management

PolyVision can automate the arduous task of monitoring animals or wildlife in Zoo's, Farms or National Parks. The service can proactively provide information to allow a range of decisions to be made in real time.

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Traffic Analysis & Management

PolyVision has advanced traffic management capabilities to assist with identifying various types of traffic. The System can monitor a road, rail line or runway and report information back about a vehicle or situation.

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Other Use Cases

The team has identified hundreds of other ways PolyVision can assist customers in using video footage more effectively.