An Artificial Intelligence Video & Image Analysis System
Powered by Enterprise-level Cloud Infrastructure

PolyVision is a platform that works with any camera to enable you to extract information from a video feed or still image with real-time advanced reporting and analytical capabilities.

PolyVision has been engineered to analyse video from a range of industries and situations.

PolyVision can be used in nearly any industry or organisation. There are 100's of "use cases" where turning a reactive video into a proactive tool can streamline processes and provide competitive advantage over your competitors. Whether its manufacturing, Traffic management, Infrastructure, Construction or Wildlife PolyVision can help nearly any business!

Why would you use the platform?

  • It reduces costs and time when analysing large amounts of video content
  • Reduces the need for Information to be reviewed by humans
  • Provides greater reporting and trend analysis of the data
  • Provides and automated way to conduct behaviour analysis
  • Can improve Safety, Increase Governance and Compliance
  • PolyVision can help turn reactive video infrastructure into Proactive monitoring / analysis equipment