How does it work?

The PolyVision product can be run from any industry leading cloud provider (Azure, Amazon, Google) or be run on premises or offline if needed. This flexibility ensures that our solution can meet any hosting / storage requirement.

PolyVision works by Firstly connecting to a camera, CCTV or a drone to receive a video stream. This information is then passed through our AI \ ML engine and processed to perform a number of custom actions. The results are then fed into a management portal for easy review and analysis by the customer.

Our AI / ML solution uses a blend of industry standard models and custom models to ensure the best results and accuracy are delivered. We have trained our standard models with Petabytes of data so it has deep learning and referenced data to utilise.

The Technology used is as follows:

  • Support for Multiple Camera Types
  • Flexible Cloud Hosting
  • Highly available platform (99% uptime)
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Built using best of breed AI / ML tools
  • Highly scalable architecture / Kubernetes
  • Available any device, anywhere, anytime
Video / Data