Other Use Cases

PolyVision has been engineered to analyse video from a range of industries and situations. To find out how our technology may benefit your business contact us below;

Plantation / Crop Management & Fire Detection

Lynkz has developed a Use Case to provide a possible monitoring solution within a pine tree plantation. This solution would provide a 360-degree range for operators to be alerted of any actions within the plantation. Our solution would identify smoke, a person, vehicle, or animal that may be in an unauthorised area. Previously staff are employed to manually identify and sit and watch CCTV streams to perform this activity. Our solution would provide a huge increase in efficiency for any company wishing to monitor a large-scale area.

Building / Personal Security

Our AI algorithms can also assist with a range of security or people related use cases. Our solution can be configured to work with any existing CCTV camera solution that may already be in place. Our offering can take a video feed from any web enabled end point, webservice or API and process the data and provide real insights on its content / footage. This provides companies with the ability to track how many people, vehicles or objects enter and leave a facility or building site.

Crowd / Public Area Management

Our AI solutions can also perform facial recognition services on people to determine the identity of a person. From there we can then track the person when they move through locations that are under surveillance from cameras. We can then tally up the number of people in a certain and area and even extend this service to include proximity detection to ensure people are socially distancing correctly for situations like COVID 19.


Food Processing & Manufacturing

PolyVision has transformed food and manufacturing processes by providing a real time Analysis and Quality Assurance service. Its ability to scan an item and make a determination on its quality ensures only the best produce goes to market.

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Infrastructure Management

PolyVision has the capability of improving Asset Management services across a variety of infrastructure. Whether it’s a cracked road or a downed powerline, PolyVision can help.

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Wildlife Management

PolyVision can automate the arduous task of monitoring animals or wildlife in Zoo's, Farms or National Parks. The service can proactively provide information to allow a range of decisions to be made in real time.

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Traffic Analysis & Management

PolyVision has advanced traffic management capabilities to assist with identifying various types of traffic. The System can monitor a road, rail line or runway and report information back about a vehicle or situation.

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Other Use Cases

The team has identified hundreds of other ways PolyVision can assist customers in using video footage more effectively.